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MicroEMACS 5.00


02/24/09 A preliminary release of MicroEMACS 5.0 is available for download! Much better Windows XP console mode handling highlights this version. The ZIP file includes new sources, a Windows XP executable, updated documentation including a new PDF. I am still creating new installers for the final distribution package. For now copy the executable and CMD files over where they are on yor Windows XP system. Anywhere along the PATH will do.

EMACS 5.0    Download MicroEMACS 5.0 ZIP file

11/02/05  Everything works as it once did. FREEBSD installations from the /usr/ports collection should once again function properly. I will leave the files for download here as well.

11/01/05  While we are solving the FTP problem, I have also made the files from the anonymous FTP site available from a button below. Scroll down to find them.

10/29/05  My ISP has blocked FTP to my archive for downloading MicroEMACS using /usr/ports under FREEBSD. I am working on an alternative.

MicroEMACS is a tool for creating and changing documents, programs, and other text files. It is both relatively easy for the novice to use, but also very powerful in the hands of an expert. MicroEMACS can be extensively customized for the needs of the individual user.

MicroEMACS allows several files to be edited at the same time. The screen can be split into different windows and screens, and text may be moved freely from one window on any screen to the next. Depending on the type of file being edited, MicroEMACS can change how it behaves to make editing simple. Editing standard text files, program files and word processing documents are all possible at the same time.

There are extensive capabilities to make word processing and editing easier. These include commands for string searching and replacing, paragraph reformatting and deleting, automatic word wrapping, word move and deletes, easy case controlling, and automatic word counts.

For complex and repetitive editing tasks editing macroes can be written. These macroes allow the user a great degree of flexibility in determining how MicroEMACS behaves. Also, any and all the commands can be used by any keystroke by changing, or rebinding, what commands various keys invoke. A full multilevel Undo facility allows the user to recover from most editing errors with little effort.

Special features are also available to perform a diverse set of operations such as file encryption, automatic backup file generation, entabbing and detabbing lines, executing operating system commands and filtering of text through other programs (like SORT to allow sorting text).

Here is a button to access the manual for MicroEMACS:

Download Manual    PDF version of MicroEMACS manual

IBM-PC Install    Download the IBM-PC executable installation disk. Unzip and copy this to a floppy to install

Development Files    Download a zip of the development tree for MicroEMACS which can be put in /usr/port/distfiles to install on FREEBSD

All the standard distributions can be downloaded through the anonymous FTP site below: