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What is happening on Jaern?

10/15/10055SF - A horde of undead war heroes are unleashed from The Sound of Harmony. Their wrath kills 47 people and injures hundreds. Archeoligist Keller Josan is captured, having stole an artifact from the dead hero which triggered the outbreak. His is sentanced to die in the marketplace on the 18th.

8/3/10055SF - Seeress Tanith has fortold that when Obenar occults Onra at first bell that the reign of evil will end and chaos will be banished. But great loss will preceed this event. Citizens rejoice at the proplimation.

7/20/10055SF - Major corruption within Rougtero. Sister Betheny and her companions have discovered that the Followers of Reason have planted long term moles within several institutions in Rougtero. Having not tipped their hand yet, she has managed to chase away Father Zack of the Solarium whom had been working to evil ends for years.

6/7/10055SF - An attempt to steal a prototype vertical takeoff sky skimmer by the Followers of Reason was thwarted by a group of local adventurers with the assistance of the Rondo Ansra. A number of the agents of the army perished in the attempt.

3/22/10055SF - In a bold move, a secret portal from Port Sinifico allowed a hastily orginized army to sneek into the dock area at Port Haven. Simalteneously the reristance there attacked several military targets, and a strike team took out a suicide ship which was meant to blow up ougtero. The Followers of Reason have been sriven from Port Haven, but most of their fleet escaped.

3/10/10055 SF - The Rougtero xouncil has recovered an artifact to power an inacive portal to Port Haven. A group of agents has used the portal to contact the resistance in Port Haven to plan for an uprising. The army raised by the Rougtero concil will go through the portal at the same time and attempt to rest the city back from The zFollowers of Reason.

2/26/10055 SF -Recruitment for an army to defeat the Followers of Reason and drive them from Port Haven is in progress. Combat pay is 250sp for each able bodied warrior, with bonuses for bravery.

2/02/10055 SF - Quintus the Moneychanger was bruttally murded at 4th bell in the south marketplace. His killer has escaped.

1/21/10055 SF - The Sepulchur has finished saying rites over the masses killed while repelling the Followers of Reason from their ocupation of Rougtero. The new graveyard, The Sound of Harmony has been completed just west of the North Commons.

Warrior ImageLafayette Simulations Gaming Club

Where:      Lafayette, Indiana, Purdue Memorial Union – in front of Starbucks
When:       Every Saturday at 6PM
Why:          to experience one of the longest running role-playing campaigns in existence
Who: Anyone who wants to!

Manual CoverThe Lafayette Simulations Game Club has been playing in the mythical world of Jaern since 1976. Over 2000 gaming sessions have built up a rich history of heroes, villains, catastrophes, triumphs and adventure.

Jaern is an exciting and intricate role-playing campaign using a role-playing system created here in Lafayette. The club presents gaming sessions every Saturday night throughout the year. Occasional live action gaming sessions highlight the year’s adventurers. Careful record keeping allows players to attend sessions whenever they want, even years after they have left the local area. The creators of the gaming system are working with people within the club to create an online role playing system and other simulations style games.

Come join us this Saturday night, or any Saturday night in the Purdue Memorial Union for a fun and exciting time!

Call 765-426-3409 and ask for Dan for any questions