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With the release of Adventure QuestTM/Jaern, We offer you a new and exciting approach to the concept and design of roleplaying games. The result is a game superior in all ways to similar available games.

Adventure Quest/Jaern is a fantasy role-playing game set on the planet Jaern, the home planet of humans. It is the first in a planned series of games that features fantasy, space, super hero, sci-fi genres.

Ease of Play

    Playability is the cornerstone of all Adventure Quest  Games. You will find no mind-numbing procedures, no endless lists of die roll modifiers, and no infinite arrays of tables and charts in any Adventure Quest Game. An experienced  Game Master can easily handle twelve players  using the Adventure Quest Game System.

Adventure Quest  features clearly stated rules based on simple, basic concepts, that strike a balance between realism and playability. This makes the game easier to learn and easier to play.

Combat is quick and simple. It's unnecessary to stop play to consult a table to determine a result because the combat dice roll gives the result directly.

The game mechanics never get in the way of the adventure story line or roleplaying. The action is smooth and seamless, making it easier for the players and game master to stay in character and roleplay.

Flexible Adventurer Creation and Growth

Adventure Quest emphasizes the care and feeding of adventurers (the players' game personae) from cradle to grave. Once the initial physical abilities (stats) are determined by die rolls, the player determines an initial training background for his adventurer. From this starting point he uses experience points to "buy" attributes that match the player's concept of his creation's personality and motivation.

Elemental Magic

Adventure Quest/Jaern features magic based on the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. A magician has a wide choice of spells, which he acquires with experience points. Most spells may be altered somewhat to fit a given situation, giving the player an added degree of flexibility not found in other systems.

Divine Magic

Priestly magic in Adventure Quest/Jaern derives from the eleven deities worshipped on Jaern. Each has a different dogma, and the goals of their priests differ widely. Thus priests on Jaern are not carbon copies of each other, and their differences provide a rich gaming environment.

Help and Support

The last five chapters of the manual show the game master how to create actors (GM controlled personae), creatures, and magical items within the system. And rather than casting beginners loose in confusion, we also show beginners how to design campaigns and adventures, and how to Game Master.

When other authors correct mistakes or makes wholesale rule changes, gamers are faced with buying the new edition of the game to stay up to date. I strongly feel this is unnecessary and makes the hobby too expensive.

We're human like everyone else, of course, and prone to mistakes and oversights. But we will never force you to buy a new edition of the game to keep abreast of changes.

In fact, my goal here is not profiting off the gaming public, but raising the bar when it comes to the quality and fun in roleplaying. So much so that I am letting you download the basic game, for your personal use, for FREE.  This does not mean I will not offer other add-ons and scenarioes for sale, as I would certainly like doing this full time rather than in my copious spare time (register sarcasm here please), but I am more interested in having you play Adventure Quest!

    Additional support is available through www.aquest.com, my web site. If you have access to the internet, answers to your questions are a mouse click away. Visit the Adventure Quest Forum. You can also leave comments and suggestions. All messages are read, and answered if possible.